Russia may not be the first country one thinks of when it comes to solar energy. But the fact, that this energy source is more than abundantly available there, is shown by a project involving the construction of solar systems in Russian schools -... Read more »
Cyclurban “A lessons-learned report” is ready and you can download it here. Within the report you will get a glimpse of the local cycling development in Tartu (Estonia), Riga (Latvia), Warsaw (Poland), Bratislava (Slovakia), Velika Gorica (Croatia) and... Read more »
On 3 June 2020, ideas into energy together with Cycling Coalition presented the results and recommendations based on the analysis and the feedback gathered from Slovak local and regional authorities at the Ministry of Transport (MDV SR). In March and... Read more »
Since 12 March 2020, ideas into energy gGmbH together with a civic association Cycling Coalition, in cooperation with the Slovak Ministry of Transport (MDV SR), has been gathering feedback on financing instruments for cycling infrastructure development.... Read more »


ideas into energy promotes the spread of sustainable energy and environmental protection technologies to international... Read more »

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ideas into energy is a non-profit organization that promotes the international spread of sustainable climate change and... Read more »