Lucas Schimming

Lucas Schimming is a project manager at ideas into energy gGmbH. In this position he is in charge of two projects: An international study project on agricultural irrigation and a capacity development measure for the dissemination of solar power applications in Afghanistan. In addition to ideas into energy, he works as a consultant for the Berlin-based consultancy eclareon GmbH in the field of energy and environmental technology.

In 2019 Lucas Schimming completed his Master of Science in Industrial Engineering for Energy and Environmental Resources at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin with distinction and was honoured by the university as the best graduate of his cohort. Before he joined eclareon, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental-, Hygiene- and Safety-Engineering from the Technical University of Central Hessen in 2017, specializing in environmental technology. He was employed by an engineering office in Marburg in the fields of environmental technology and construction supervision.

+49 30 88 66 740 0
Project Manager