Ulf Lohse

Ulf Lohse is a graduate of the French business school ESCP and has several years of professional experience as an auditor, project manager and management consultant. After graduating, he began his professional career as a consultant in the field of customer management (CRM). He then worked as an internal auditor and as a project manager on international projects in Europe and North America. He took on the management of internal and external customers and the analysis and creation of business processes. In addition to his industry knowledge in the field of renewable energies, where he started working for the first time in 2008, he worked on international projects in both the rail technology industry and the electrical engineering industry.

As a senior consultant for ideas into energy, he supports the project management in coordinating a capacity building project for the deployment of solar PV applications in Afghanistan.

+49 30 88 66 740 0
Senior Consultant